IMac Repair Seattle

Your iMac Repair Shop in Seattle

Seattle Laptop / MacBook Repair Seattle / iMac Repair Seattle services all models of iMacs. From the early ones, to the brand new iMacs we can help. We have already replaced hard drives, and screens, as well as logicboards on the brand new paper thin iMacs, and look forward to helping you with any iMac problem you might encounter. Call us at 206-784-4215, or stop by during normal business hours. iMac repair is one of our specialties.

Even if you have an older iMac we can still help you migrate data, do date backups, or data recovery, as well as replace hard drives, screens, and fans.

Check out some of our – iMac Repair Information – on our website.

Since we opened in 1996 Seattle Laptop has been servicing Apple products. The owner’s first computer was a Powerbook 140, and this is how this all got started. He fell in love with computing on this Powerbook, and has bought, sold, and serviced thousands upon thousands of Macs, Apples, and PC’s since that time.

We started with Macs, and have always specialized in Mac repair, and service.