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MacBook Repair Information For Seattle

Seattle Laptop / MacBook Repair Seattle always strives to provide helpful tips and advice to our MacBook Using Friends. This particular page is a reference to some of the information we are providing to MacBook Users, and it will be updated constantly. Please bookmark this page, and come back often to see new information.

You Must Back Up Your 2016 MacBooks Data Yourself Folks

The new 2016 or newer MacBooks do not have removable hard drives any more. If the hard drive or your new MacBook gets damaged, it is in many cases impossible to recover data unfortunately. To avoid losing your data you must set up a Time Machine, Time Capsule, or an iCloud backup system the instant you begin putting data on a new MacBook. We have already heard from a few customers who have lost all of their data on their 2016 MacBooks. We couldn’t help them. Because of the design of the new machines, where the hard drive is part of the logicboard we could not remove it to copy their data.

“Water Spilled On My MacBook”

If you spilled water on your MacBook pour out any water that got inside, and dry your MacBook with a towel. Immediately bring it into Seattle Laptop / MacBook Repair Seattle so we can unplug the battery (unless you can unplug the battery yourself. If you can’t quickly bring your liquid damaged MacBook in, you can put it in rice, but make sure you don’t use instant rice.