macbook repair at genius bar

The other problem they have at the Apple store is the fact thay they do everything the way Apple Corp. dictates. They can't attempt to repair a liquid damaged logic board, or replace shorted components on a logicboard. They always have to put on "new" or other parts to fix every problem. They also do not support many older models of MacBooks and will not even attempt to repair the most simple problems. They want you to buy a new MacBook, which in many cases does make sense.

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Not every customer can save that much by bringing their MacBooks to us for liquid damage, or logicboard repair. In some cases the damage to the logicboard is too extensive to repair, or the MacBook needs other parts like the palmrest, keyboard, touchpad, or screen, and the price of replacing all the shorted parts could be too high to make sense. In many cases we can find an affordable logicboard for our customer, but not always. Many of the differrent models of MacBooks use logicboards that are very expensive. Replacing these customer's defective board may be too expensive, and they would be better off buying a new MacBook, and having us back up, or migrate their data to a new machine.

If the options at the Apple store are not what you need, or their prices for MacBook repair, or upgrades is too high, come see us. In most cases we can offer real savings, and outstanding service. And you don't need an appointment..... We're also open 7 days a week.

Apple's Genius Bar

If your MacBook is having problems, you can schedule an appointment, and take it to an Apple store, and talk to a "genius". In many cases the employees of the Apple stores are very helpful. They can answer many questions related to the MacOs, compatibility, applications, and problems you are having with your MacBook. The problem they have is the fact that they don't have enough time to properly diagnose many of the complex problems MacBooks have. In many cases we have had customers check in their MacBook for repair, and these customers asked for us to repair the problem the "genius" told them needed fixing. When we did our diagnostics, we found out the problem with the customer's MacBook wasn't what they were told. Unfortunately in many many cases the "genius" doesn't have the time, or ability to thoroughly test, and discover what the real problem is. We do.

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At our company, we will diagnose the problem with our customer's MacBooks, and suggest repairs that make sense. We are not bound 100% by corporate policies, and we can make exceptions at any time to our regular repair procedures, and be flexible, when that is what is required to help our customer. For instance just repairing liquid damaged logic boards is out of the question at the "genius" place. A prime example was a customer who spilled coffee on his 2013 MacBook Pro. He took it to the "Genius" folks, and they told him the could repair it for $850. He could not afford that much, and brought it in. We pulled his logicboard, cleaned the corrosion, and replaced the damaged components and tested his machine. With the rush service charge, and tax, he had his MacBook repaired for under $350. This customer has never called us with a problem, so we can assume his MacBook is still working. He saved $500.

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Call or stop by! No appointment necessary.