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Free MacBook / Computer Consulting

MacBook Repair Seattle offers free MacBook consulting. Free computer consulting, and advice. Just bring in your machine. We will plug it in with our ac adapter / MagSafe adapter, power it on, and we can then talk about what it will take to make it right. If you decide to get your MacBook, desktop, or laptop repaired, we will give you a written quote, or you can have a low cost diagnostic done, if we need more information. We are happy to look at any and all machines customers bring in.


Quick Turn Around Time on MacBook Repairs

We have most common MacBook, iMac, and MacBook Air repair parts in inventory. Our turn around times are great! Many customers can not be without their laptop for long, so we carry thousands of repair parts and offer Express, and Red Carpet MacBook repair. We understand people count on their MacBooks, and our customers rely on us to repair their machine quickly whenever possible.


MacBook Repair Services

MacBook Repair Seattle offers better Apple product repair solutions, and our noteworthy fast turn around times! Our prices are affordable. Get your Mac, iMac, MacBook fixed today and start saving!
Support and repair service for all Apple products from G5 iMacs to the new Retina Macs and all MacBooks. Many of the models supported are listed below

  • MacBook
  • MacBook Pro
  • Mac Pro
  • iMac
  • iPod
  • iPad
  • iPhone


About MacBook Repair Seattle

MacBook Repair Seattle at Seattle Laptop has been in business buying, selling, upgrading, and servicing Apple laptops, Macs, and of course Pc's too since early 1996. Our company is located at the corner of 76th and Aurora Ave North in North Seattle. We can handle any problem you may be experiencing with your Mac, MacBook, MacBook Air, Mac Mini, Mac Pro, Apple G5 or any other Apple product or model. We also offer free MacBook consulting, and ac adapter testing


Mac Software Support

Apple computers, and MacBooks may have a bit more stable, or reliable operating system compared to different versions of Windows, but they still may have many different problems with applications and software. That means they give users serious headaches. That’s ok. We can fix most software / application problems with MacBooks, iMacs and other Apple products, and software titles. We can usually repair software and application problems with:

  • Mac Mail, and The Address Book
  • Installation of MacOS
  • Migrating data
  • Backing up data
  • Recovering data
  • Mac-to-Mac and PC-to Mac data transfer
  • Target Mode
  • iCloud support
  • iTunes support
  • iPod support
  • iPad support
  • Adobe products
  • Microsoft products



MacBook Screen Repair

We carry most MacBook replacement screens in stock, and this means we can fix your MacBook’s bad screen fast. The different models, and types of MacBooks may have screens that are fairly expensive to replace. Worse, many models of MacBooks have screens that are extremely difficult to repair or replace. Especially the MacBook Air. Replacing the internal screen is very tough, especially because the backlight for the MacBook Air is separate, and not part of the screen. If you are in need of a screen for your MacBook you need a company that will fix your bad screen for a fair price, and without problems. We keep in stock at all times most common MacBook screens, and can repair your MacBook, or MacBook Air's screen fast if necessary.


MacBook Hard Drive Repair

Seattle Laptop / MacBook Repair Seattle carries in stock almost all sizes of MacBook replacent hard drives. We can quickly replace your failing MacBook's hard drive, or we can even upgrade it to a rocket fast SSD and install it.We can also install the most reliable MacOs for your MacBook for a very reasonable fee. You can call us for pricing, or simply stop by the store.


MacBook and iMac Ram Memory Upgrades

We carry ram upgrade chips for Macs and install them. iMacs, MacBooks, and Mac Mini desktops. Apple Mac products are very finnicky when it comes to which memory chips your can install, and they usually require very high quality ram. Seattle Laptop / MacBook Repair Seattle always carries Mac compatible ram chips from 1Gb to 8Gb memory modules. We can also install the ram upgrade, and test your MacBook forr a small fee. Upgrade your MacBook's memory today! Stop waiting around.


MacBook Case Damage Repair

If your MacBook's case has been damaged, or dented we can usually fix, or replace it. We carry most MacBook case parts, including even screen covers, and we can fix your damaged MacBook’s case, or screen cover quickly.


Optical Drive Superdrive Repair

MacBook Repair Seattle / Seattle Laptop carries and installs most of the common MacBook replacement optical drives. We will fix your MacBook’s failing Super Drive quickly, and do the repair for a great price.


MacBook Magsafe Power Board Repair

MacBook Repair Seattle at Seattle Laptop replaces bad MagSafe power boards in all the different models, and machine types of MacBooks. If your MacBook was dropped directly on the magnetic power port, or your MagSafe board is failing, or shorting out, we can replace it, or in some cases just repair it. If your laptop is not powering on, and not getting power, or not charging because it is not charging or getting power, the problem may be the Magsafe board on the side. We have in stock the MagSafe board for most models, and we can repair your MacBook with power problems fast.


MacBook Logic Board Repair

For many years, Seattle Laptop / MacBook Repair Seattle has been repairing liquid damaged, or shorted out MacBook logic boards. Our very experienced technicians do actual board level failed component replacement. Our techs can fix just about every type of logic board problem. This includes failing video chips, common bga logic board video card failure, other component failure, and short circuits. We even can repair broken connectors that need soldered etc. We actually specialize in MacBook logic board repair.


Free MacBook / Computer Consulting

MacBook Repair Seattle offers free computer / MacBook consulting. If your desktop computer, MacBook, iMac, or PC laptop is having any kind of problems you are invited to bring it by our store. We can do a quick check, including an ac adapter test, and see what may be wrong. In a lot of cases we can simply fix your MacBook on the spot for free, or also repair it with a $19.95 quick fix. If the problem your MacBook is having is a little more serious, we can then give you a written quote for a MacBook repair, or you can check it for diagnostics if your would like. We fix everything, from settings, to liquid damaged logic boards, and even broken MacBook Air screens. You don't ever need an appointment to have your MacBook checked. Stop by the store at 76th and Aurora any time during normal business hours, and we will see how we can help you with your laptop, desktop or MacBook problems.


iMac Repair

Our company specializes in iMac repair too. Whether you have an older white iMac, or the newest iMac Retina, we can fix the problem. We can do internal iMac hard drive installs, SSD hard drive upgrades, MacOs installation, video card repair, internal fan repair, and we fix iMac overheating problems. Not to mention iMac screens, ports, and software, application, and virus or browser hi-jack problems. If your iMac has a problem, we can fix it.


Mac Mini Repair

MacBook Repair Seattle at Seattle Laptop specializes in Mac Mini repair. We even run the website We have been repairing Mac Mini desktops for many, many years. If your little Mac Mini is having any kind of problems, or you need to just upgrade it, bring it on in. You don't need an appointment ever.


MacBook Air Repair

We know that the thought of getting a MacBook Air fixed is really scary. The MacBook Air is difficult to service. Many may even consider them practically impossible to work on, depending on what type of repair is needed. MacBook Repair seattle specializes in difficult to fix MacBook Air of repairs. We fix MacBook Air screens, keyboards, palmrests, and you name it. We also have a large inventory of MacBook Air repair parts in stock, and can fix your Air fast when necessary. We do a lot of keyboards, and screens on MacBook Airs, and can fix yours. We also carry MagSafe adapters for the Air.


Virus Cleaning on MacBooks and iMacs

Macs do get viruses. Also we find the browswers get hi-jacked, and pop-ups take over MacBooks and iMacs if not cleaned, or dealt with. We clean MacBooks and iMacs infected with viruses. We clean and repair browsers like Safari, and Firefox when they get compromised with viruses too. We now even sell anti-virus for Macs. If you have a  MacBook that is infected, or if you have been hijacked, bring it by so we can do a free check. Cleaning, and disinfecting a MacBook without reloading the MacOs is common here.


MacBook MagSafe  and MagSafe II Adapters

When your MacBook's ac adapter, or MagSafe, or MagSafe II charger goes bad, remember we have replacement chargers in stock. We carry 45 watt, 60 watt, and 85 watt chargers for MacBooks, and MacBook Air laptops. Our prices for these adapters is reasonable, and we also check your MacBook when we sell you a charger, and make sure it is operating properly, and charging the battery like it should. The free adapter check comes with every charger we sell. We prefer you bring in your MacBook if you need an adapter so we can make sure it is working properly and charging the battery before you leave. – Bring In Your MacBook!! Very Important!!


Keyboard Repair

We keep in inventory most of the most commonly used MacBook keyboards and palmrests for repair purposes. If your MacBook's keyboard or palmrest has gone bad, or maybe you spilled coffee on it, we can replace it. We can also replace missing keys quite often without you replacing your MacBooks’s keyboard which would save you $$$$.


MacBook and iMac Video Card Repair

Our technicians repair or replace defective video cards in MacBooks and iMacs. We purchased a state of the art high end BGA video chip reworking station, and we can usually repair a MacBook, or iMac's video card for a fraction of what a new motherboard, or video card would cost. Our work is guaranteed. We offer a 60 day warranty on all video card repairs.


MacOs Installaion

If you need the MacOS installed, or reinstalled on your MacBook, or you even want Boot Camp installed, we will do it. Loading the MacOS can be problematic on some Apple products. We can also migrate the data, and do data backups upon request.


MacBook Hinge Repair

We repair broken MacBook, and MacBook Air hinges. If your laptop’s hinges are loose,cracked, or just falling apart, and your screen is falling off, or falling over we can help. Please bring in your MacBook for a free laptop check so we can inspect the damage. No appointment necessary.


MacBook Application / Software Repair

We can repair corrupt software and crashing or freezing applications on MacBooks and iMacs. We don’t usually have to to reload the MacOS to get your computer working properly, and your applications straightened out. If you are having problems with your Mac, bring it in for a free check, and show us what’s going on, so we can see how we can fix it.


MacBook and iMac SSD Hard Drive Upgrades

Our company upgrades Macs and MacBooks with SSD hard drives practically every day. Our technicians can in most cases clone your hard drive, and all of your files, pictures, and applications to a new faster SSD hard drive. We can also load the MacOs on a brand new SSD and do a data migration. We can also simply reload the MacOs and load the updates. We are used to installing internal hard drives in iMacs, and MacBooks, which require disassembly. Of course we upgrade hard drives in the MacBook Air. Our standard prices for a MacBook SSD hard drive upgrade is affordable, and we carry most sizes of hard drives in stock.


MacBook Video Cable Repair

Our technicians repair bad, frayed, or loose video cables on all MacBooks. On many of the older models, and some new ones too, the video cables snake up through the hinge by design. When a MacBook user opens and closes the screen, the video cable will eventually wear out from being torqued, and it will need replaced. This happens quite often on some of the older MacBook models. In come cases a MacBook’s video cable will come loose, or lose connection inslde of the screen assembly, or where it attaches the the logic board. Sometimes with the MacBook, and other laptops, the video cable can begin to corrode, or the connections can oxidize, and they then need to be cleaned, or at least reseated. We carry most MacBook video cables in stock, in case your MacBook needs a video cable repair.


MacBook Palmrest and Touchpad Repair

The newer unibody MacBooks have a type of design where the laptop is assembled from the top down. All the parts including the screen (hinges), and the logic board, attach to the palmrest / keyboard assembly, not the bottom case like most other laptops. If the touchpad or keyboard on your MacBook, or MacBook Air has failed, the entire MacBook will need to be disassembled to repair/replace it. With this design, the laptop’s keyboard is part of the palmrest assembly, and is not easily removed. Replacing the touchpad, palmrest, or keyboard is difficult to do properly, and the work should be performed by and experienced Mac technician.  


Liquid Damaged MacBook Repair

If you have spilled any liquid on your MacBoook you must remove the battery immediately. Once the battery is out, or unplugged, bring your MacBook to us as quickly as possible. Liquid causes parts like the logic board to begin to corrode immediately after coming in contact with coffee, tea, soda, beer, wine, or anything else that got within spill distance from an unsuspecting MacBook. The faster we can remove and clean your MacBook’s logic board, the better the chances are that we can get it working. We also may have to repair shorted out components and connectors. The faster you bring it to us, the better the chances are that you won't need to buy a new laptop, or a new logic board. Even if your MacBook has had liquid introduced a while back, we can in most cases repair the damage, and we can make your MacBook good as new!


Locally Owned

MacBook Repair Seattle / Seattle Laptop Inc. is locally owned. Our team of technicians provide repair services, and data recovery services most computer repair shops, or factory stores will not even attempt. When it comes to helping customers, we are extremely flexible with all types of MacBook repair options, including “Right Now” Red Carpet laptop and MacBook repair. We understand our customers all have different needs, and we strive to support, help, teach, and steer all of our customers in a direction that makes living with technology easier, and more care free.


MacBook Repair Specialists

For years our technicians have done they kinds of MacBook repairs most company stores, or regular computer, laptop, and Mac repair outlets will not even attempt. The company store will not pull a customer’s liquid damaged logic board, clean the corrosion, and replace the burned out components. The company store will not free the platters of a stuck hard drive when a customer has critical data recovery needs. No job is too big, or too small for our Mac techs, and we routinely do the impossible.


Running Windows on Macs

If a customer has a need to run Windows on a MacBook, or iMac, we can help. If they require a Vmware, Paralells, or a Boot Camp installation, we can load your machine with the proper partitioning, and setup. We can also help protect a customer’s Mac running Windows from viruses, and malware, as well as internet security.